Lean Manufacturing Training and Application Center


Increasing productivity in production and accelerating the digital transformation process has been one of the important development agendas of Turkey for a long time. Recently, in order to contribute to this process, Competence and Digital Transformation Centers have been established in various parts of Turkey. The peculiarity of these centers is that they provide training and consulting services that ensure the teaching and dissemination of the principles of operational excellence using experiential learning techniques in a real production environment where there is freedom to make mistakes.

That centers training and consultancy services with continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, change the structure of the current digital transformation of businesses on topics such as mindset and human, machinery, equipment, raw materials, supplies, time, and ensure the most efficient use of energy resources and aims to increase their competitiveness in a short time.

In the Competence and Digital Transformation Centers, training programs based on experiential learning principles, which are the most permanent learning method, are adopted to consist of approximately 65% applied and 35% theoretical training. In this way, participants are offered the opportunity to experience efficient and inefficient production in the same environment through application scenarios and to observe the results.

Within the scope of experiential learning programs, which are among the most important fields of activity of the centers, consultancy programs lasting 4 months will be carried out in companies.

In the Lean Manufacturing Training and Application Center to be established in our region, cooperation will be made with the Model Factory and Innovation Center in Ankara in the fields of lean production and implementation of lean production processes.

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