INTRAC Technology Campus


INTRAC (Innovation, Networking, Technology Research and Application Center) within the scope of MIP in order to provide a cooperation environment designed especially according to the approaches and priorities of the industrial sector for the development of public, university and industry cooperation which is an important element of the R&D , innovation ecosystem and the innovation capacity of the region.

Aegean Region Industry Oriented Advanced Technology Application Center is planned to be established. In this context, it is aimed to establish a technology application center that will ensure the systematic and project-based use of regional R&D resources by the Manisa industry.

The aim of the center is to coordinate the infrastructure and human resources operating at the regional level which will ensure the technological transformation of the industry and to ensure that these resources are used effectively by the industry. The center is planned to include advanced technology centers where university and industry collaborations will be realized offices, workshops and common areas for entrepreneurs, test and calibration centers.

All activities to be carried out at the center will be built on a network model that will enable the region’s R&D resources to be mobilized through projects that will be shaped in line with the transformation needs of industrial enterprises. The feasibility study of the project which will be one of the most important milestones in the innovative transformation of our organized industrial zone started with the financial support of Zafer Development Agency in partnership with İzmir Institute of Technology and Manisa Celal Bayar University.

Other Projects