Industry-driven construction of the innovation ecosystem

Turkey is undergoing a shift from a competitive edge based on efficiency and effectiveness to an innovation centred approach, in moving to a high-income economy. It is critical to support industry in innovation, sustainability, R&D, entrepreneurship and digitalization to accelerate this change.

The MIP Innovation Center  has a flexible foundation that can use the spatial proximity to address the innovative transformation needs of our companies directly and quickly. Through the Innovation Center, global economic and technological developments are being closely monitored and brought to our industry through various events, activities and projects.

Helping to build an industrial infrastructure that not only uses the technologies of the future, but has the knowledge, skills and capacity to build these systems is a central function of the Innovation Center.

For this purpose, the Innovation Center continues its activities with program-based and company-specific solutions in order to increase the R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalization capacities of MIP and companies operating in the region.

The establishment of innovation centers will enable OIZ’s to deliver services and improve operational capabilities of the companies according to the emerging requirements of the information and technology age. It is intended to foster the transformation process to the high value-added manufacturing of the companies through empowering OIZ’s. Within this framework, OIZ’s will undertake the task of becoming effective industrial and technological centers on a global scale to serve the development of Turkey’s economic competitiveness.




Devrim ŞAVLI



Project Manager