Digital Innovation Platform


The Digital Innovation Platform is a service delivery platform aimed at accelerating the flow of information between actors by providing access to sectoral expertise to member companies and individuals. The purpose of the platform is to improve the effectiveness and quality of services by developing a system that allows institutions, organizations and people producing services for industrial organizations to plan, provide and monitor their services at all stages.

By simplifying the service design process, the platform will allow service providers and customers to conduct and monitor the process in cooperation. Institutions will be able to identify the content of services through the system when designing the services they will provide, collect requests, manage the selection process, design the implementation process and conduct monitoring processes.

The platform will increase the diversity, traceability and quality of the services that companies will receive at a time when process designs in production such as lean production, digitalization, in-house entrepreneurship and in-house education are becoming important. In addition, the processes of gathering ideas and cooperation calls related to the solution of a specific problem, which do not involve the direct purchase of services, will also be easily carried out through the platform.

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