INTRAC Technology Campus

INTRAC (Innovation, Networking, Technology Research and Application Center) within the scope of MIP in order to provide a cooperation environment designed especially according to the approaches and priorities of the industrial sector for the development of public, university and industry cooperation which is an important element of the R&D , innovation ecosystem and the innovation […]

Lean Manufacturing Training and Application Center

Increasing productivity in production and accelerating the digital transformation process has been one of the important development agendas of Turkey for a long time. Recently, in order to contribute to this process, Competence and Digital Transformation Centers have been established in various parts of Turkey. The peculiarity of these centers is that they provide training […]

Digital Innovation Platform

The Digital Innovation Platform is a service delivery platform aimed at accelerating the flow of information between actors by providing access to sectoral expertise to member companies and individuals. The purpose of the platform is to improve the effectiveness and quality of services by developing a system that allows institutions, organizations and people producing services […]